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IEEE1284 Printer Cable

High-speed IEEE-1284 compliant cables allow bi-directional communication resulting in speeds up to 10 times faster than conventional equipment. These cables are of the highest quality featuring double shielding to protect against damaging EMI/RFI, twisted pair inner conductors for minimum crosstalk and molded backshells for durability. Connectors are DB25 male to Centronics 36 male, color is light gray.


  • IEEE-1284 compliant parallel printer cables for high speed printing
  • Double shielded (foil + braid) for maximum protection against EMI/RFI
  • Gold plated contacts provide reliable connections with repeated mating cycles
  • Twisted pair inner conductors minimize crosstalk
  • Connectors are DB25 male to CN36 male; length options are 1,2,3,5 & 10 meters; color is light gray





IEEE1284 DB25/CN36 Printer Cable

1 M


IEEE1284 DB25/CN36 Printer Cable

2 M


IEEE1284 DB25/CN36 Printer Cable

3 M


IEEE1284 DB25/CN36 Printer Cable

5 M


IEEE1284 DB25/CN36 Printer Cable

10 M


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